FAQ - Auto Updater

Auto Updater

05.11.2015 4433

All our software have an implemented Auto Updater the easiset way to keep your software up to date. With any of our license you have access to lifetime updates and update your software the same way as you update software on your computer or mobile device Auto Updater is a huge time saver.

auto updater

With a click of a button the system will check if there is a new update available, if so it will download it and ask you if you want to update your installation to the latest release.

The Auto Updater will only update the changed files and it will show you which files have been changed, so in case you have any custom modifications you can apply it to the updated files.

Important: Your host need to support file_get_contents() and PHP ZIP Library, usually both are available by standard but some host deactivate that feature. If you update from an older version that had no Auto Updater you will need to read the update manual carefully.