FAQ - Create your own Template

Create your own Template


Any content management system is only as good as your own template/mydesign. I'm sure you want your own design associated with your business or brand.

The easiest way to start is to duplicate the existing file and start tweaking with the css change the logo and later change the html code as well.

Let's go step by step:

  • Rename the existing template (e.g jakweb)
  • Now use a editor with find and replace function
  • Search through all files for template/jakweb
  • and replace it with your name template/mydesign
  • Search and replace tpl_jakweb with your name e.g. tpl_mydesign
  • Search and replace _jakweb_ with your name e.g. _mydesign_
  • now upload the folder with his content into the template directory
  • Each plugin has also his own files for each template, for that check plugins/blog/template/jakweb for example.
  • For each plugin you would also need to duplicate the jakweb folder and name it mydesign (for example).
  • start with replacing logo, change css properties and if you feel confident even change the HTML5 code