FAQ - Installation - First Step

Installation - First Step


When you install CMS the first time, please read the installation manual very carefully! Installing CMS is very simple and the installation wizard will guide you thru in only two steps.

Important information about the db.php file. Please open this file in any text or php editor, the file is located in the include/ directory.

Database Connection:

define('DB_HOST', 'localhost'); // Database host ## Datenbank Server
define('DB_PORT', 3306); // Enter the database port for your mysql server
define('DB_USER', ''); // Database user ## Datenbank Benutzername
define('DB_PASS', ''); // Database password ## Datenbank Passwort
define('DB_NAME', ''); // Database name ## Datenbank Name
define('DB_PREFIX', ''); // Database prefix use (a-z) and (_)

This should be clear, important information for PHP to connect to your MySQL database and table. Please choose a strong password when you setup your MySQL table. For example: 4k2+!kSSowk9

Define a unique key:

define('DB_PASS_HASH', '');

This unique key will be used to make the password of your members even stronger, do not change this key after setup, otherwise your members cannot login again. Use a very strong key to protect your members password. For example: %3ko**è,LwlKK

The rest should be clear...