FAQ - Use ChatGPT from OpenAI for the Chatbot

Use ChatGPT from OpenAI for the Chatbot

22.06.2023 663

All our products have ChatGPT integrated. The chatbot can answer automatically in the live support chat, and support tickets can be answered from the ChatGPT as well.

The setup is straight forward and very simple. Follow this steps to set up ChatGPT within HelpDesk 3, Cloud Desk 3, Cloud Chat 3 or Live Chat 3:

  • Set up your account with OpenAI: https://openai.com
  • Add your billing information for the OpenAI account.
  • Set your preferred limit of Monthly fees.
  • Create an API Key in your OpenAI account.

Now go to your operator panel and setup ChatGPT:

  • Go to Settings and add your API key from OpenAI
  • Activate ChatGPT

chatgpt settings

Important Settings for the Chat Widget

It is very important that you tell ChatGPT how to answer, it should answer according to your business and the correct topic. Therefore, go to your chat widget and add a description about your business. This is based on each widget, so you can still offer support for all your different websites.

chatgpt widget settings

Stored Chatbot Answers

We did not stop there, we store all answers from ChatGPT and you reuse it again. You have the option to edit this answers (because they will not be always correct) and refine it. If a client is asking the same question, the one from the database is used. This way, use save money and the answer is much quicker for the client.

You can edit all bot messages in your operator panel - general settings - chat bot - ChatGPT Bot

chatgpt bot messages