FAQ - Rename operator/admin folder

Rename operator/admin folder

03.02.2022 1287

You have the option to rename the folder where you access the administration and operator area.

Important: When you rename the folder you cannot use the build in auto updater!

Operator Area

To rename the operator area, two steps are necessary. First rename the folder operator to something else. The second step change the name in your include/db.php file as well.

define('JAK_OPERATOR_LOC', 'operator');


define('JAK_OPERATOR_LOC', 'new_name');

Administation Area (CD3 and CC3)

Same procedure here, you will need to rename the admin folder to something else and update your include/db.php file.

define('JAK_ADMIN_LOC', 'admin');


define('JAK_ADMIN_LOC', 'new_name');

Again, please note if you rename the folder name you cannot use the build in Auto Updater anymore.