FAQ - Wildcard Sub Domain

Wildcard Sub Domain

29.11.2021 2090

With the new release of Cloud Desk 3 we have implemented a wildcard sub domain feature. That means all your customer can now have their business name in a subdomain.


To have this feature available you will need following:

  • DNS Access
  • Necessary to add .htaccess or modify the Nginx config file
  • Wildcard SSL Certifcate for your domain
  • Install the support server on the main domain (NO SUB DOMAIN / NO SUB FOLDER)

With this set you can start configure the software first. Please open your include/db.php file and find:


replace with:


Go to your administration panel and change to wildcard on the location setup you have changed. Administration Panel - Location - Edit Location

That's already it for the Software side.

Virtualmin - Ubuntu 18 and higher

We can only provide limited support on server configurations but an example how to do it on a Ubuntu System with Virtualmin installed.

Connect with your SSH user to your server and install following package.

sudo apt install python3-certbot-apache

After the package has been installed login to your Virtualmin Console and create your domain if not already. After the domain has been created go to: Server Configuration -> Website Options. Make sure you are doing this for the correct domain.

wildcard option virtualmin

The final step is to request the SSL Wildcard Certificate from Let's Encrypt. Go to Server Configration -> SSL Certificate. Browse to the last tab and select the wildcard certifcate.

wildcard ssl certifcate virtualmin

That's it, you should now have the wildcard sub domains working.