FAQ - Xampp


26.07.2021 1847

How to install our software on xampp?

First of all download the xampp from the official website if not already. How you install xampp is up to you, either with the installation wizzard or just unpacking the folder into a location of your choice.

After the installation is complete, follow this steps:

  1. Add a MySQL Password for the Root User
  2. Activate the GD library in the php.ini

MySQL Root Password

To add a password to the mysql root user is fairly simple. Open the Xampp control, start the apache and mysql service and click on the shell button.

shell xampp root

It will open a new window (usually black) and in this window you enter following command:

mysqladmin -u root password

You will be asked to enter your password for the root user twice.

After that you will need to edit the config file for the phpmyadmin.


Open this file with any text editor and add the root password into the correct variable, usually around line 21.

$cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] = 'your_root_password_goes_here';

GD Library

Go to your php.ini file and open it with any text editor.


You will need to find following entry:


change it to:


Save the file and restart the apache and mysql service.

Ready to Install

With this basic and necessary modifications you can now install our software on xampp without any issues. For the full site domain in your include/db.php file simply use:


That's it. In case you have any questions feel free to contact us via support area anytime.