FAQ - SameSite Cookie Error

SameSite Cookie Error

27.08.2020 1748

The new cookie law is already set on certain browsers but don't worry our software is up to date and ready for it.

However there are certain servers that are not ready for the new cookie law. Should your chat not appear in certain browsers even the url has been whitelisted, your server is probably sending the cookies the wrong way. In this case, please make sure your server is sending the cookies the right way.

In your PHP INI please change following settings to transfer the session id in a secure way. PHP INI Cookie Settings.


It is also important that you have a valid SSL Certifcate installed and our software is fully running and called with https:// the time of insecure sites is hopefully over.

We also recommend to have redirects to the SSL sites, so your websites are always secure and called the same way. Do not mix www. and none www and most important do not mix http and https. A guide how to redirect your website visitors with apache can be found here.