FAQ - Change Standard URLs

Change Standard URLs

13.07.2020 2157

HelpDesk 3 comes with predefined URL's for the blog, support, faq, search, client area and standard contact form.

This can be changed of course. Open your include/db.php file and find:

define('JAK_CLIENT_URL', 'client');
define('JAK_BLOG_URL', 'blog');
define('JAK_FAQ_URL', 'faq');
define('JAK_SEARCH_URL', 'search');
define('JAK_SUPPORT_URL', 'support');
define('JAK_CONTACT_URL', 'get-in-touch');

You can change the client url by changing the name in the second part. For example:

define('JAK_BLOG_URL', 'change_this');

After changing the names in the include/db.php file login into your your operator panel and go to the CMS section. Find the one you have changed in the file and change url slug as well.

change url slug

Simply edit this entry and name it the same as in your include/db.php file.