FAQ - Group Chat - 256bit Encrypted

Group Chat - 256bit Encrypted

03.06.2020 2009

With the new version for Cloud Chat 3 we have built in the long awaited Group Chat. With the group chat feature we have taken it to the next nevel and encrypt all messages with a strong 256bit encryption.

The encryption is done by SSL (usually available on all servers) and custom keys which you set yourself. The key can be set in your include/db.php file.

// String encryption
define('JAK_STRING_SECRET_KEY', 'file_secret_key');
define('JAK_STRING_SECRET_IV', 'file_secret_iv');

You will need to replace file_secret_key and file_secret_iv with your own key. Example: Indk247289chdj2

Once set, do not change this keys or the chat messages cannot be read anymore.