FAQ - License Verification

License Verification

04.05.2020 2163

We get quite a few questions about license verification. Please make sure you have your license ready when installing our software.

Sometimes you enter the correct license code and username but you will be asked again and again for your license. In this case make sure the files folder and his sub folders have the correct permission set.

This three things need to be ready and set correctly.

  • Your purchase code
  • Your Envato Username the one you use to login
  • The files folder and sub folders inside, needs to have the correct permission to store the license file.

It is important that you never share your purchase code. Always use your envato username and not your display name or email address.

Still having problems?

In case you have still problems to activate the software, please check following article:

Customer before 2018?

Should you be one of the 3000 customers that have purchased our products before 2018, please user your order number to install the product.

Important: For all Cloud Chat 3 and Cloud Desk 3 customers, please contact us before you upgrade, because you will get a new license code for your administration panel.

Important: Never share or publish your purchase code or order number! It will be blocked if we see a miss use.