FAQ - Customise Cloud Desk 3

Customise Cloud Desk 3

20.11.2019 2095

When you purchase Cloud Desk 3 we provide everything you need, but of course you will make it look like it is your own. We have made it very simple for you to change text and images within CD3.

The language files.

/lang and /operator/lang

All logos are located in following folder:

  • logo.png (48x48 px)
  • logo_small.png (20x20 px)
  • ico/...
  • logo.png (117x28px)
  • logo_cloud.png (42x28px)

The email template is located in the administration location and in the main server.

  • email/index.html
  • template/business/email/index.html

The logos for the email templates can be found here:

  • img/logo.png
  • template/business/img/logo_email.png
  • signup/img/logo.png
  • signup/email/index.html

Make sure to replace the logos with the same dimensions and refresh empty your browser / server cache so you will see your image. Should we have missed something please let us know.