FAQ - Change Language after Installation

Change Language after Installation

11.04.2019 2510

Our software will install by standard in English. After the installation you can of course change the language to the one you like, for that following steps are necessary.

  • Make sure your language is available: Check Language availability
  • Should the language not be available, you can translate it easily: Translate
  • Now when your language is set you need to login into your operator panel - settings and change it to the language you want.
  • After that you will need to create the language pack for Answers/Tex Answers/Text Translation
  • For HelpDesk 3 and CloudDesk 3 you also need to create the language packs for the cms pages or change the language from the existing pages to your set language. Important do not delete cms pages, they all needed.
  • Now the language should be set for everything, in case you still have English set, go to your profile and change to use the standard language or any other language you want.

At this moment we have over 16 languages available, please note that not all languages are 100% translated. Should you have created a language pack or corrected an existing one, please send it to us.

Change Language in HD3 and CD3