FAQ - Merge Ticket

Merge Ticket

10.03.2019 2161

With the release of Cloud Desk 3 Version 1.0.1 and HelpDesk 3 Version 3.4.2 we have build in a merge ticket feature.

Merge a ticket can be done as long both tickets are open and from the same client.

merge ticket

You have two option to merge the ticket into another one:

  • Enter the ID of the ticket into the input field.
  • Select one of the last tickets from the client from the list below.

When you merge a ticket the one you merge will be closed and the client will receive an email (when turned on) that his ticket has been merged. In both tickets there will be a notice that something has happened to the tickets. The software will store, who has merged the ticket, the ticket ID it has merged to and the time.

In the main support view there will also be an icon on the merged ticket that points to the ticket it has merged to.

merge ticket

The indicator that the ticket has been merged is on the operator side.