FAQ - 2checkout - IPN settings

2checkout - IPN settings

13.01.2019 2733

With the release of Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.4 we have integrated 2checkout as a new payment gateway. This has been requested many times from our customers where Stripe and Paypal is not available or not a good solution.

2checkout payment gateway offers/includes many 3rd party payment gateways like ApplePay, Paypal, Credit Cards and their own of course. This now closing the gap for customers not having access to Paypal and Stripe.

To make it work you will need to setup a 2checkout account, provide all your business details and of course have it approved by them. After that you will need to setup the IPN (yes we do send it with the API) but it is better to set it as well in their dashboard. For that please login to your 2checkout account and on the left navigation go to Integrations - IPN settings.

You will need to enter the URL to the IPN file from 2checkout, that looks like following: https://yourdomain.com/chatserver/operator/payment/twoco_ipn.php.

The URL https://yourdomain.com/chatserver/ needs to be SSL protected and of course changed to fit your installation path.