FAQ - WhatsApp Chat Feature

WhatsApp Chat Feature

26.07.2018 3777

With the new release of HelpDesk 3, Live Chat 3 and Cloud Chat 3 we have build in WhatsApp Chat. This gives you a whole new possibility to let your customer connect with you by WhatsApp by not knowing your phone number.

How does it look?

chat window whatsapp

There are many new settings in your user profile and on your chat widget which allows to activate WhatsApp Chat for either the online or offline form or for both.

widget whatsapp

profile whatsapp

Each operator has now a new field to enter their WhatsApp phonenumber, he can also choose to be always available by setting the "Always send notifications" option to "YES".

Please make sure you are using the right format for your telephone number. WhatsApp want to have the number like this: 417932359271.

This option is available in the latest versions and within all templates.