FAQ - Native Push Notifications not working

Native Push Notifications not working


We receive many support tickets about our build in Push Notifications service in combination with our native iOS and Android apps.

First it is important you register an account with us and add your purchase code into the correct field. We will verify your purchase and activate your account so you have access to our download, support and of course to our push server. Please note it can take up to 1 hour to sync your date through our servers.

Setup Push Notifications

First of all, login to our push server by clicking on the Push Server button in your profile, should you receive an error and you cannot login it means you have not added your purchase code into your profile or our servers have not fully synced yet. Solution: add your purchase code or / and try again in one hour.

push server access

Second, login into your operator panel and go to settings. The keys from our push server will need to be added in the main settings not in your operator profile!

native push keys in settings

Third, you will need to setup your business hours in your operator profile.

setup business hours

Fourth, activate push notifications for your profile by clicking the mobile icon, it needs to green.

activate push notifications

Fifth, setup the mobile app by downloading it from the app store, add your Rest Api URL and login.

Finally make sure all operators are logged out and the app is closed or in the background and you will receive Push Notifications on new clients and new messages. Important: Should be an operator online or the app is open and you look at it you won't receive any push notifications!

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