FAQ - Payment packages not shown

Payment packages not shown

31.05.2018 2661

In Cloud Chat 3 you have the option to create unlimited payment packages for your clients. We received a lot of questions why they are not showing, here are the possible causes:

  • You are logged in as a super operator (most of the time the one you have installed the chat server).
  • The payment package is not active. Go to your administration panel and activate the package.
  • No payment gateway has been set. Go to your administration panel and set at least one payment gateway. (Stripe and/or Paypal).
  • The location id does not match in your include/db.php file. Please make sure the live chat server has the correct location id set (see code below).
// Location ID as defined in your MAIN Database
define('JAK_MAIN_LOC', 1);

Login with a normal client account and you should see the payment packages displayed and ready on your dashboard.