FAQ - Event/Task Calendar

Event/Task Calendar

18.11.2017 3286

Since HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.1 a task or event calendar is available for the dashboard. Set unlimited events on the calendar for you and your operators.

event calendar tasks

You cannot only create, edit, move, delete events it is also possible to show all tickets, chat conversations, offline messages and payments on the calendar.

event calendar tasks

How to create an event?

Simply drag with your mouse the event window and let go. A new modal window will open to give you more input fields like, title, content and color. Don't forget to press save.

How to read or edit an event?

Double click on an existing event, change information if necessary and press save. Press close for leaving as it is.

How to delete an event?

Double click on an existing event and check the delete checkbox. Press save.