FAQ - Subscription Packages Stripe Webhook

Subscription Packages Stripe Webhook

15.11.2017 3114

Article expired, for the Version 3.0 and higher please check the installation manual.

With Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.0 we have implemented subscription based packages. Therefore the client can be charged automatically and his account will be extended with it.

subscription package cloud chat 3

Now to have a fully functional subscription system we will need to setup a webhook in your stripe account.

subscription package cloud chat 3

Please add the url to your webhook file (https://www.yourdomain.com/include/stripe_hook.php), where yourdomain is your actual domain. Select the three Events like on the screenshot and save. That is all you have to do, Cloud Chat 3 will automatically create plans, subscribe users, create coupons, unsubscribe users and send an email before the customer get's charged again.