FAQ - File Upload for Cloud Chat 3

File Upload for Cloud Chat 3

10.11.2017 3970

Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.0 is around the corner and it has been completely redesigned. We have also implement file sharing capabilites.

Now that is great YEAHHHHH, but also a big security risk if used wrong. Therefore we really suggest to use a folder outside the web root which is not accesible by browser.

In your include/db.php file you have following variable:

define('CLIENT_UPLOAD_DIR', '');

You will need to enter the full path to your directory created outside the web directory, for example:

define('CLIENT_UPLOAD_DIR', '/home/yourdomain/upload');

Just below you will find another two variable to encrypt the communication when loading the image or file inside the chat.

// File encryption key/iv
define('JAK_FILE_SECRET_KEY', 'file_secret_key');
define('JAK_FILE_SECRET_IV', 'file_secret_iv');

Please change following value file_secret_key and file_secret_iv to something private.

Our software will handle the rest.