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API Client Main Site

05.11.2017 2696

With the release of HelpDesk 3 / Version 3.1 we have added a new feature in the include/db.php file (Please update this file as well).

When using the build in API in HelpDesk 3 you might want to have a centralised client management location. For that we have added the possibility to add the URL to the main site. In the new include/db.php file you will find following new line:

define('JAK_API_PROFILE', '');

In case you use the build in API, means your members will be synced from your main site, just add the URL to the profile on your main site, for example:

define('JAK_API_PROFILE', 'https://jakweb.ch/profile');

If the value is not empty your members cannot change the email address and password in HelpDesk 3, they will need to change it on your main website where you have installed the API that will then once again sync the data with HelpDesk 3.