FAQ - Translate HelpDesk 3

Translate HelpDesk 3

26.09.2017 4351

Before HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.6

HelpDesk 3 is fully multilanguage capable. The translation is easy and can be done right on the client side.

on the fly editing

As an operator with access to Answers/Text or as a super operator you will see a blue edit icon on the top left corner. Click on it! ;)

After clicking the button you are in the editing mode, hover a text and edit on the fly.

on the fly editing

You can edit the text on the page and save it after, done! On the bottom left corner you can also click on the html tag (in this case it is the H3 tag) to go into more details.

on the fly editing

Multi Language

Now the clue to have it in different languages is to change the language in your operator profile to a different one than your standard language. For example you run HelpDesk 3 in English and want to have it in German as well, change your operator to German and visit the Client Side. HelpDesk 3 will automatically duplicate the package for the German language and all you have to do is to translate.