FAQ - Logo, Template and File Structure

Logo, Template and File Structure

26.09.2017 6641

This article will explain how to change the logo, add a new template or simply remove the copyright link back to our site.

The file structure is as with all our software logical, that means the name of the folders are not confusing and inside is only what it belongs

Change Logo

  • img/logo.png
  • img/logo_small.png
  • img/ico/

Change Favicon

  • favicon.ico
  • img/ico/favicon.ico

Chat Templates

  • lctemplate/business

The easiest way to create another template for the chat is to duplicate an existing one and rename it to a unique name. Then open the package in an editor and search and replace everything inside. For example:


should become:


After that start playing around with the stylesheet or modify the templates itself in the folder pop_up and slide_up. The config.php file contains all necessary information for the package and is commented through.

Client Template

  • template/business

To create a custom template it is best to duplicate the folder standard and rename it to something unique. Open the template in an editor and rename everything inside into your name. For example:


should become:


Email Template

The email template that will be sent to the client and operator each time there has been something added is in the chosen template folder under the folder email.


The Logo to replace for the email is located in:



The dashboard can be edited in the operator template folder:


That should give you a good start how to customise HelpDesk 3 to your needs.

Copyright Link

Remove the copyright link back to our site can be done in the include/db.php file and in the template/business/tplblocks/footer_tpl/footer-*.php file. You can remove the copyright link back to our site free of charge. For more information please visit our License Agreement page.