FAQ - How to start with HelpDesk 3

How to start with HelpDesk 3

25.09.2017 4209

This is the how to start guide for a fresh installation of HelpDesk 3. After a succesful installation you should decide which way you want to go.

HelpDesk 3 has a build in payment system for your clients. The payment system has four options:

  • Membership Based
  • Credit Based
  • Envato Mode
  • Off

The membership based system is based on Days, Weeks and Month. The credit based system is based on credits, which probably makes the most sense. Decide how much a support ticket coasts, charge more for higher priorities or make it free for certain departments.

The brand new Envato Mode (introduced in Version 3.6) gives you the option to control licenses when you sell through Envato.

The options are endless, you have full control over everything and there are no limitations anykind.

The next step is to go over the settings and setup your HelpDesk 3 as you like it. Has that be done, you should setup your departments and faq categories and finally add some priorities, options and custom fields.

At last you can paste the live chat widget on any sites you like to support via the included Live Chat.