FAQ - LC3 - Widget Live Status

LC3 - Widget Live Status

15.05.2017 3647

Within Live Chat 3.0.6 there is a new option for the client widget. It can now be set to live, means if an operator comes online the chat widget for the client side will come online as well on the client side without refreshing the page.

As this needs an extra SQL request every 30 seconds we build in an option to turn it on or off. You will find this option under your operator panel - settings - client settings box.

Live Chat 3 - Widget Status

When "Widget Live Status" is turned on it will run an extra check if an operator is online or not every 30 seconds and change the status of the widget without refreshing the page. It will also update the user online table to be more accurate, invitiations (auto or manual) will work smoother this way as well.