FAQ - LC3 - Super Operator

LC3 - Super Operator

09.05.2017 3156

Adding another super operator is fairly easy!

Please follow this steps to create another super operator:

  1. Login into your operator panel as a super operator.
  2. Go to User and click on "New User".
  3. Add all necessary informations and press "Save".
  4. Now open your current db.php file located in the include/ directory.
  5. Add the operator's id (see code below) into the file, save and upload to your server.
  6. You will find the operator's id in the user section on the left hand side.
define('JAK_SUPERADMIN', '1'); // Undeletable and SuperADMIN User, more user seperate with comma. e.g. 1,4,5,6 (userid)

Note: all super operators have access to all areas they also cannot be deleted from your operator panel.