FAQ - Installation Guide

Installation Guide


Please note this is a guide for our old product Live Chat. Check the correct FAQ category for each product for further help. Also there is a complete user manual and installation video included in the download package.

Live Chat is fairly easy to install, however if you don't follow the instructions carefully it won't work!

The whole software is quite complex to serve all kind of servers, client browsers and cross domain ajax requests. It doesn't even care if your server runs on windows or unix as long the minimum requirements are available.

A few customer get frustrated spending hours to try to setup Live Chat without reading the manual. That won't work, you need to be very careful with the installation!

If you follow the instructions it won't take longer then a couple of minutes and if you really struggle we do offer first class support or a installation service which will coast you less (considering your time) in case you have never installed a similar software.

Here are few important FAQ entries:

Also every section here (Support, FAQ and Download) has a great search on the right hand side, there are many more articles available which are useful as well.

We know reading is boring but with such software you have to read a little and if you don't want to read we also offer an installation service which includes the button setup for your website as well.

In case there is a problem, please open a support ticket, only through our support tickets we can guarantee fast and reliable support (average respond time is less then 3h). Remember use the search first and if no answer can be found we are here for you!