FAQ - Auto Update Errors

Auto Update Errors

22.04.2019 2932

Our build in Auto Updater gives you the possibility to update your JAKWEB Software with a click. What do you need to know about Auto Updater.

Auto Updater needs to have at least:

  • cUrl
  • file_get_contents (optional instead of cUrl)
  • zip library

installed and activated on your server. Newer versions like Live Chat 3, Cloud Chat 3, HelpDesk 3 and Cloud Desk 3 can also pull the file via cUrl.

Should an update not print out a success message you can try to login via FTP and delete inside the updates directory all zip files. The updates directory can be found in the files or _files folder.

After deleting all zip files inside that directory (they are auto removed when updated is successful) you can try again to update your installation. Should you still have a problem, please contact as immediately.

Other errros that means you don't have file_get_contents or zip library installed are:

  • Cannot access the release file.
  • Cannot access the latest update.
  • Cannot save the new update. (wrong permissions)
  • Could not find latest releases.

In that case make sure your server supports what it needs to have and permissions are set correctly.