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Live Chat 3 - Chat Bot

21.01.2017 3552

Live Chat 3 has an integrated Chat Bot which you can setup as you like and match your use.

The Chat Bot will answer questions automatically as long there is no operator connected, means the client is waiting for an operator to pick up the chat. You can setup unlimited answers on predefined keywords, for example the user types Hello the chat bot can answer with:

Hi %client%, please use following keywords to get more information about this chat: your keywords.

You can then setup more keywords to help the client find the right page or just let him stay in the chat, some people like to talk to a bot. :)

The chat bot can be found in the main menu under Chat Bot

You can also use multiple keywords for the same answer just separate each keyword with a comma (for example: hello,hi,good day).

To display a standard message when no keyword match with your list, please create a new one with the wildcard keyword: * (star) and write whatever answer you want to show.

Write plane text, Url's and Smilies and wildcard vars for name and system email, the software will convert them automatically into the correct format.

Chat bot in Action