FAQ - Fluid App and Live Chat 3

Fluid App and Live Chat 3

05.12.2016 3467

With Fluid App you turn your Live Chat 3 in a simple to use application for your Mac.

Please download the app from the website and follow the video how to install it and create your first app.

App Details

  • URL: www.yourdomain.com/operator
  • Name: Live Chat 3
  • Location: Applications
  • Select an Icon of your choice

Now you have your operator panel inside an application but that is not all, we can have some extra features like auto login when you open the app, dock badges on new clients or messages and close the app when you logout.


All that magic we achieve with user scripts build into Fluid. You will need a license (one time fee of 5 USD) to have userscripts activated within your Fluid application. After purchasing a license please follow this steps carefully.

Fluid Userscripts - Auto Login and Docks

Please open the app you have created for Live Chat 3 and go to: Window - Userscripts. Uncheck all checked options and create a new one with the + on the bottom left. Name it: Live Chat 3 - Login

Go to Patterns and press the + again. You will need to add following: *.yourdomain.com/operator/* where yourdomain.com/operator is the path to your Live Chat 3 Operator Panel.

In the window below you will need to copy / paste following code:

// ==UserScript== 
// @name        auto-login 
// @namespace  https://jakweb.ch 
// @description Auto-login for Live Chat 3
// @include     *.path_to_operator_panel/* 
// @author      JAKWEB
// ==/UserScript==

var username = "your_username";
var password = "your_password";

(function () {
  if (window.fluid) {
    var u = document.getElementById('username');
    var p = document.getElementById('password');
    if (u && p) {
        u.value = username;
        p.value = password;

window.fluid.dockBadge = '';
setTimeout(updateDockBadge, 1000);
setTimeout(updateDockBadge, 3000);
setInterval(updateDockBadge, 5000);

function updateDockBadge() {
	var newBadge = '';

	var regex = /s*((d+))s*/;

	var text = '' + document.title;
	if (text.length) {
		// console.log('text: ' + text);
		var res = text.match(regex);
		// console.log('res: ' + res);
		if (res && res.length > 1) {
			newBadge = res[1];
			// console.log('newBadge: ' + newBadge);
	window.fluid.dockBadge = newBadge;

Where it says your_username and your_password enter your login details you use to login into your Live Chat 3 Operator Panel.

That's it, now when you open the App you will get logged in automatically, all notifications work as usual plus you will get a dock update on a new client or message.

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