FAQ - Push Notifications via Pushover

Push Notifications via Pushover

10.11.2016 4463

With the latest release of Live Chat, Live Chat PHP Server and HelpDesk we have integrated push notifications via Pushover. Pushover has like us a very fair pricing policy, they want 5 USD one time fee and that will grant you up to 7500 push notifications a Month.

Account with Pushover

Please head over to pushover.net and sign up for an account. The first 7 days are free.

Download App

Download the app from the App or Play Store.

Setup Application

On pushover.net you need to setup an application fill in all the information:

  • Name it to whatever you want
  • Type: Website
  • Description: whatever you want or empty
  • URL: blank
  • Your personal image, it will show on the push notification

Enter Keys

Now you will have a User Key and Api Key you will need to add this into your operator profile.

That's it, now you will receive push notifications on new clients when using the business hours in your operator profile.