FAQ - Email to Ticket / Pipe

Email to Ticket / Pipe

01.03.2016 3800

Removed in HelpDesk Version 1.9, please use PHP Imap.

With HelpDesk it is possible to convert emails to tickets. With each server control panel the setup is slightly different, however within HelpDesk the setup is always the same.

Please login into your operator panel and go to Settings - Settings - Ticket (Tab). Please enter the piping email into the first input field.

piping helpdesk

This must be the same email you have setup in your control panel for your support. Important only a email address from the same domain where you host HelpDesk will work! For some server configuration you will also need to change the permission for the pipe.php file. Start with 644 and work you way up sometimes it needs permission 777. You can set this permission via any FTP program.

To setup the email address in your control panel, please referer to the help of your control panel, in most cases you need to point to the pipe.php file with an absolute url, for example:


Should you have any further problems, please open a support ticket.