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Web Projects - Departments


We get often asked how HelpDesk can handle unlimited web projects with one installation, it is fairly simple but you need to follow some rules.

Web Projects

Web projects are basically your different websites, let's call it Website A and Website B. In our case we create two Web Projects under your operator panel - settings - web projects.

Important here is if the project is public or not, if set to Guest access No, only registered clients with access to the web project will have access.

web project - helpdesk

Now the crucial part, each section of HelpDesk:

  • Live Chat
  • FAQ
  • Support Tickets

Do have departments, see it as sub categories from the Web Projects. That means to make each section come alive you need to create departments for each Web Project. If there is no department for Tickets for example then there will be no form shown to the client or guest (depend on settings). Always make sure each web project has at least one department for each section if you want to use it.