Live Chat 2.6

We are happy to announce the new version for Live Chat Business. Version 2.6 will come with a lot of new features, like wild card proactive (engage) and a brand new chat bot. Wildcard Engage / ProActive ...

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Cloud Desk 3 - Version 2.0

Long awaited features finally available. Welcome to Cloud Desk 3 in Version 2.0Available right now for you and we are proud that we have created something special again!Beside a complete new front end live ...

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Cloud Desk 3 - Version 2.0.2

Cloud Desk 3 - Version 2.0.2 is now available. It contains a few new features and plenty of bug fixes. Make sure to update as soon as possible.Changelog Filter Wildcard Keywords Filter Username Filter ...

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Cloud Desk 3 - Version 2.0.4

Cloud Desk 3 received a few new features, wildcard and performance improvements and bug fixes. We recommend as always to update as soon as possible.Changelog Wildcard Domains improved PHPMailer Update to ...

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Wildcard Engage / ProActive URL

With the latest release of Live Chat Business 2.6 and HelpDesk 1.8 we have integrated a wildcard engage / proactive feature.The system can now listen on a wildcard url. For example you want to fire the engage ...

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Wildcard Sub Domain

With the new release of Cloud Desk 3 we have implemented a wildcard sub domain feature. That means all your customer can now have their business name in a subdomain.https://businessname.yourdomain.comTo have ...

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SignUp Page Wildcard Sub Domain

Cloud Desk 3 is now capable of running wildcard sub domains for your clients. This is a great step forward in user usability.The signup page we provide is a sample page and most of you don't use it however we ...

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Business URL with no Wildcard Subdomain

Cloud Desk 3 comes with a wildcard subdomain option for your clients. We strongly recommend using this feature as all of your client will receive a subdomain of their choice.Some, however, do not want to use ...

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