HelpDesk 3 / Version 3.3

We are proud to announce the new version for HelpDesk 3. It is now available and ready to rock. Lot's of things have been changed, more than 100 files to be precise.We are proud to present the new installation ...

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Live Chat 3 - Version 3.7

We are very happy to announce the new release of LiveChat 3. Many new features and a lot of improvements have been build in into LiveChat 3 - Version 3.7!Brand new Installation Wizard We have also added ...

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Cloud Chat 3 / Version 2.2

The brand new version for Cloud Chat 3 is finally available! It has most changes in the administration panel, where you now can manage the clients completely from their. You can also assign packages to clients ...

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WhatsApp Chat Feature

With the new release of HelpDesk 3, Live Chat 3 and Cloud Chat 3 we have build in WhatsApp Chat. This gives you a whole new possibility to let your customer connect with you by WhatsApp by not knowing your ...

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Facebook, Twitter, Skype and other Social Stuff

We often get contacted if we have integrated our professional Solutions with Social Platforms. The short answer is no and there is a good reason.Our software has been developed to provide professional support ...

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