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Automatically Redirect Client

Since Live Chat Business 1.4 you can redirect a client to a certain URL when chatting. To redirect a client you need to add the url in the field marked below.Should you add the url into the textarea (the same ...

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URL Mapping

With the new release of CMS 2.2 we have included a new plugin called: URL MappingOne of our customers suggested this tool to redirect a changed url within the CMS the professional way.This plugin will simply ...

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Wildcard Engage / ProActive URL

With the latest release of Live Chat Business 2.6 and HelpDesk 1.8 we have integrated a wildcard engage / proactive feature.The system can now listen on a wildcard url. For example you want to fire the engage ...

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Native App (Android and IOS)

Native apps are here! After hard work and quite a long process the native apps are finally available.You can download the app from the Google Play and App Store for free, connecting to your very own Live Chat ...

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Black List Url

Black list Url's is a simple feature to hide the chat on certain pages. Let's say you don't want to show the chat on a particular page, just copy and paste that URL and create a new entry in your operator ...

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Rest Api - Mobile Phones

Our rest Api for the mobile apps have the possibilities to change the title, privacy and license agreement links and as well the background image on the login, forgot password page. Therefore it is very easy ...

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Direct acces link for clients

Hi.I would like to email my clients with a direct link that will autolog them inso example http://mydomain/livechat/client?name=xxx&email=xxxetc etc. Do yo uhave such an option

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Directory/URL path bugs on login and home pages

Hello,Prior to give you the bug description, please note DIRECTORY and URL paths that may help to understand what goes wrong. The script is located in a folder that I self named cms1, and was installed through ...

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