Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.1

We have released Cloud Chat 3 - Version 2.1 which includes various new features and fixes all reported bugs in the live chat and administration panel. Run the Auto Updater for the Live Chat Server and replace ...

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Translate HelpDesk 3

Before HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.6HelpDesk 3 is fully multilanguage capable. The translation is easy and can be done right on the client side.As an operator with access to Answers/Text or as a super operator you ...

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Client Settings - Translations

With the new release of Cloud Desk 3 - Version 1.0.9 above you can now setup the client standard options and translations easily via your Administration Panel.The new option can be found in your administration ...

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Live Chat - AI Language Translation

With the latest release of all our software (LC3, HD3, CD3 and CC3) we introduces an innovative feature that allows you to translate any text in your live chat conversation with a single click. Thanks to ...

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