Operator Features - Live Chat 3

That's how YOU see the chat as an Operator System ...

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Live Chat 2.4

Live Chat Business 2.4 is now available. This release has one major improvement plus many bug fixes specially in Internet Explorer and Edge. The new Engage (ProActive) design for the client side is now modern, ...

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LCPS 1.0.4

Live Chat PHP Server 1.0.4 is now available. With over 148 files changed and/or added this is the biggest update so far and you won't be disappointed.We are happy to announce the new feature: Multiple ...

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Live Chat 3.0.5

Live Chat 3.0.5 is now officially available with iOS app support, improved rest api, faster chat and many bugs have been fixed.Change log iOS App is here Improved rest api for mobile apps Inform ...

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