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Change Text/Layout in HelpDesk

HelpDesk has a build in content management system, it allows you to change the text and layout via operator console, your web browser.Please login into your operator panel and go to Settings - Front Text. ...

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Answers and Text

Since live chat business 2.0 you can change the text and standard answers via operator console. That way it is fully multi language ready and much easier to manage.You will find the section in:Operator Panel - ...

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Answers / Text for Live Chat 3

With Live Chat 3 you have the complete freedom over standard and automatic text messages in various languages.Under the main menu you will find Answers / Text this is a very powerful tool.Here you will find ...

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Customize Cloud Chat 3

When you purchase CloudChat 3 for sure you like to make it individual to suit your business. We have made it very simple for you to change text and images within CC3.The complete dashboard text is set via one ...

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Missing text areas on front end and backend

We have installed your system on our site http://lextel.pl/sos/Both on frontend and backend of system we have issues with text areas - they dont appear…try here on new ticket site: ...

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Twilio text alert feature

We are having problems getting Twilio to work. We are trying to receive text message alerts when someone wants to chat online. Is this possible through your plug? If so, can you please help? I can send you the ...

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