CMS 1.4

We are happy to announce that CMS 1.4 is on his way.Two new features have been implemented, the brand new Slider plugin and the brand new category manager. As always we run a few live tests first, then update ...

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Slider display on custom page

Hi I would like to know how to manually invoke a slider on my page? I already created my slider and would like to call or get that slider to be displayed on my custom template

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Invoke added slider on custom page template

Hi, How can I manually invoke the display of slider on my custom page? I already added a slider but how can I display it on the home page or on a specific location on the home page

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Slider editing

Hi, I am traying to edit the writing in home page slider,All i could is to re write the 1st image lines, in editor, admin/ below header/ home slider/ but after that there is no option to scrool to the second ...

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