New Profile Design

We are proud to announce the availability of our new profile design and features. One of our last construction site on our website has now been closed and is ready to serve you.About 4 Month ago we changed our ...

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SMTP Email Settings

With live chat Business and WebSocket you have the possibility to send emails via PHP Mail() or SMTP. Standard after installation is PHP Mail() which will work fine in 99%, however some clients prefer to send ...

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Heartbeat - Client control

Live Chat Business does check every x seconds if the client has left or not. That is important otherwise the operator is talking to a client that does not exist anymore. It works the same way the other way ...

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Client Settings - Translations

With the new release of Cloud Desk 3 - Version 1.0.9 above you can now setup the client standard options and translations easily via your Administration Panel.The new option can be found in your administration ...

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Hi,In Settings, I see facebook and twitterWhat should we put in? Links or other?Error I click on chat, Faq, Support and Register?Not FoundThe requested URL /chat was not found on this server.Additionally, a ...

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