Session Control - Live Chat

The live chat build into all our solutions does check every x seconds if the client has left or not. That is important otherwise the operator is talking to a client that does not exist anymore. It works the ...

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Session expires

Hi. I really need help. When a customer enters the chat and the operator starts the service session expires in two seconds, no time to type anything.

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session expires in the backend

Hello, is there a way I can extend or eliminate the session expire in the backend? The problem is: When an operator logs into de Backend and there is no one to attend it reamins open waiting for someone, but ...

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This session has expired! 3.1

I upgrade to 3.1 and now every chat converssion is showingThis session has expired!my audio does not inform me about the visitor to the site.I am able to knok knok the visitor but can chat with them.

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