Live Chat 3, Helpdesk or Cloud Chat 3. Live Communication that works! JUST DOMORE GET STARTED Stop installing bloated scripts that all do the ...

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Installation Service

Installation ServicePlease fill out the form below, so we can install the software for you. Should you have any questions or problems, please don't hesitate to ask in your installation service ticket.

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Thank you very much for your trust in our installation service. Please select the correct option above: No Option = Live Chat 3 The rest should be self explainedInstallation service includes:Installation ...

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Hosting Service

Semi Managed Web Server:Web Server SupportDomain SupportSSL SupportDNS SupportHelp with server updatesSemi Managed Web Server does not include:Special services like nodejs installation or similarSupport for ...

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All New

Welcome to our new website and service.At JAKWEB, we know we can help you to build your business. We know we can help your website to generate you real results. But we also know these things are easy to say. ...

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WebSocket - Daemon with Upstart - Ubuntu / CentOS

With Ubuntu you should have upstart installed by default and therefore the daemon can be installed even easier.Create a new script file at: /etc/init/jakchat.conf with following content:# Infodescription Live ...

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