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CMS 1.5

CMS 1.5 is now available, major improvements and a lot of bug fixes. As we grow quick, support questions, suggestions and feedback coming in on a daily base and of course we want to give you the best ...

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Website Tools and SEO

Every developer is using his tools to improve, check, pack, learn and extend his knowledge. Today we want to give you some of our source we use to extend our knowledge and improve our code.Introduce JAKWEB ...

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XML Sitemap - SEO

We have started a new service called search engine optimisation or short SEO (shut down) and the best part for now it is absolutely free.With over 47 seo and website tools we have great collection that will be ...

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How to start your own web business in 5 steps

With over 1,278,996,010 websites worldwide increasing by 3 more each second! getting organic real traffic and buyers is harder and harder literary every second.Now when you don’t have a lot money to push ...

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HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.6

Welcome to HelpDesk 3 - Version 3.6 - New age for our Support Software4 Month in the making and a complete make over, 80% of the files have been changed, a modern design with easy to use features. But we did ...

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CMS and htaccess (Seo)

If you server is running on Apache you can use the build in optimisation for short url's. This gives you the possibilities to have shorter and cleaner URL's and a better search engine performance.To use the ...

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URL Mapping

With the new release of CMS 2.2 we have included a new plugin called: URL MappingOne of our customers suggested this tool to redirect a changed url within the CMS the professional way.This plugin will simply ...

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