CMS 1.5

CMS 1.5 is now available, major improvements and a lot of bug fixes. As we grow quick, support questions, suggestions and feedback coming in on a daily base and of course we want to give you the best ...

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CMS 2.2

We're pleased to announce the release of the latest version of our product, CMS 2.2. This release includes a number of valuable improvements. We have included a new plugin and we addressed over 40 bugs and ...

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How big is CMS?

CMS is very lightweight and super fast! It is straight forward and does not contain any unnecessary files or blown up functions. In fact CMS packed as a ZIP file is only around 4MB, have you every seen a ...

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Functionality mismatch from demo

Hi,In your demoscreenshot removedAnd what i got isscreenshot removedPlease have a look at the left bar menusI am wondering if i did any mistake. I havent get what i have seen in the admin panel demo.Thanks

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CMS - sidebar in Plugins template

Hi Jerome,I want to find a solution for using sidebar.php in plugins template.For example:Now we have only one blogsidebar.php for plugin Blog. I think that is better use sidebar.php in plugin template e.g. ...

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No Plugins

Hello,I purchased CMS about an hour ago and have installed it using the above order number.However, I cannot see the plugins from the administration area.There's no link in the admin area to the plugins, as ...

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CMS Plugins

When i activate plugin on admin panel, when i acces it on frontend for example: https://hatrix.ml/blog i get error 404. But i installed plugin.

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