Email to Ticket / Pipe

Removed in HelpDesk Version 1.9, please use PHP Imap.With HelpDesk it is possible to convert emails to tickets. With each server control panel the setup is slightly different, however within HelpDesk the setup ...

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Email to Ticket with Virtualmin

Removed in HelpDesk Version 1.9, please use PHP Imap.Because virtualmin is a bit different to setup Email to Tickets or also called email piping we have here a step by step guide how to setup this feature in ...

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Email piping issues

Hi Jerome,I keep getting a lot of emails showing the following:email subject: Email Pipingbody: Ticket/Answer from myownemail@email.com has not been created.I checked with my webhost and they don't produce ...

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HelpDesk 1.6 Pipe.php error

Hello,I just installed new 1.6 version. I have an issue, pipe.php is giving the following error:Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ';' in /home/xxxxxx/public_html/s2/soporte/pipe.php on line 214I tried ...

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[Prospect to setup] Email to Ticket

Hello,Could you setup my Helpdesk to import Emails into tickets? How much would it be?Let me explain you:My main email uses Google Apps, so the ideal would be to setup like Gmail configuration. Otherwise, If ...

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Error mail Email Piping

Hi there,I was wondering, i'm getting by each new ticket a error mail with the subject Email Piping.The error text is dutch but it's the a10 lang row.The system works i think because i see the new tickets.You ...

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