Live Support Chat Buttons

Ready for a Freebie? We have here 4 Live Support Chat buttons each one has an online and offline status. All buttons will work in bright and dark backgrounds.All buttons will work fine with Live Chat 3, ...

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Available Days/Hours

We have received many requests to improve the available days/hours section in Live Chat Business. Since version 2.3 we have completely redesigned the time table.New TimetableEach operator can now choose which ...

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Operator Status

The operator status is feature rich and simple to use, here is how it works.As you can see in the image above we have build in three status options for the operator it is like a traffic light in reverse order. ...

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Online User - GEO Map

In all our products we have a build in map which shows you the online visitors on your website (where you have placed the client chat). The complete dynamic map has also another feature!By clicking on a pin it ...

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Chat history

Hello Sir jerome -I would like to show you some problem in the live chat 01- I have the same problem as this position: https://jakweb.ch/support/t/9/business-chat-button 02-the operators (super admin) her all ...

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