Desktop Notifications

Live Chat Business and WebSocket offers desktop notifications, never miss a client again when you working and forgot to turn on your speaker.Desktop Notifications work fine in Chrome, Safari, Edge, IE10 and ...

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Ticket Content in Email Notification

You can easily add the ticket content to the email notification for your client. That way they can read your answer in their email inbox.Simply go to your operator panel - components - Answers / TextEdit the ...

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Sometimes I receive an alert about IMAP error

Hi,Sometimes I receive an error about IMAP connection. Once or twice a day. How can I disable this?Following error occured when trying to connect to the mailbox , with username : No such host as ...Regards

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Email notification for new or changed ticket?

I have the HelpDesk 1.8 installed, and would like to get a notificatuion via email when a customer adds a new ticket in the HelpDesk AND when the customer updates the ticket.I have tried to add an email to the ...

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Notification of operators

Hi J,My operators are complaining that they are not notified when another operator calls in private chat, and also in the private chat window does not appear the name of the operator who is talking to me! How ...

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