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Cloud Desk 3 - Version 2.0.6

There is a new release for Cloud Desk 3 available. In this version we offer more customization options for your clients, rewritten user online list, performance improvements and bug fixes.Changelog Email ...

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Menu Builder Function

In case you building a new template for CMS this is how you use the new menu builder invented in CMS 1.4.All modern menus are based on lists, classes and sub classes. With CMS 1.4 it is super easy to use the ...

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HelpDesk 3 - Permission Levels

HelpDesk 3 has 25 permission levels for each operator. There is the super operator which is defined in the include/db.php file, this user has access to everything and cannot be deleted. Support (access to ...

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Missing Menu Items

Hello JAK.I have the Live Chat Bisiness installed on my site.Everything seems to be working but my side menu only has Settings and it only lists the Users option.Am I missing something?Thanks in advance.Frank

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Megamenu support

Hi,I need help with menu system for cms. I wants to extend menu functionality in order to have mega menus created from the cms.May I know if there is some custom code available or anything you can help ...

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Add new index template

Hello, ive been able to add a new link to the menu and want to make a new page template with content. How can this be done?I have created the hotel list file in ...

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